If you are looking for a private online harmonica teacher you can get personalised live video lessons from Vincenzo Fratelli either with Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.
If you start to get harmonica online lessons you will have a live teacher to watch, play for, answer your questions and help you reaching your goals. is always a good choice. Vincenzo gives diatonic and chromatic harmonica lessons for beginners and advanced students. He is an expert and he will keep you motivated!

He will explain to you how to use iplaytheharmonica.com in the most efficient way, uploading personalised weekly exercises only for you!

Diatonic and chromatic harmonica lessons online for beginners and advanced

You agree the day and time, log into Skype or any other program and have the lesson by video call. Vincenzo will give you instructions about the instrument and its technique.

You will practice exercises, learning scales, songs, music theory, how to improvise and build your own repertoire with your favourite songs.Vincenzo will provide teaching materials, backing tracks, sheet music, online harmonica lessons and tabs and he will give you an accurate feedback to correct your mistakes.

Learning to play the harmonica well requires dedication and practice. He will certainly make this process more creative and rewarding. He will also teach you how to improvise showing you the main techniques of the instrument like tongue blocking, bending or trilling. You will also learn how to read harmonica tabs, harmonica sheet music and to compose.

Beginners harmonica lessons online!
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